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Welcome to The Piedmont Group, Inc. (PGI)


We are a wholesale distributor of products including the world famous PageKeeper® Bookmark. The bookmark that follows you from page to page as you read.

We source products for distribution in the USA. Our distribution is through both traditional and online channels. These fall into three categories…

  1. Traditional independent Manufacturers Representatives selling to the retail trade and earning a commission within specified territories.
  2. Direct to Merchant/Dealers (retail stores) in the cases where PGI does not have an independent Sales Representative in the retail stores territory.
  3. Websites run by PGI. Used to promote awareness and build demand.

Why do we distribute through these three channels? Because it benefits all involved and we will explain.

When it comes to marketing a product it is the desire of every manufacture to have as many touch points to the consumer as possible. With this type of approach we build a truly multi-touch point distribution channel.  What this means to each of these independent yet interrelated groups is “AWARENESS”. Product awareness helps all channels to sell more products. Read More.

Pagekeeper - Automatic Bookmark
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