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Traditionally it has been said that 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store and 68% of in-store purchases are “impulse buys”. This may still be true for many items, however changes are taking place. The web is projected to influence 50 percent of offline sales by 2012, up from 38 percent in 2007. Our goal is to drive sales at retail stores as best we can and therefore we cannot ignore the need for an online presence.

New products, new opportunities!

The Patented PageKeeper® is an item that one out of every two adults could benefit from owning. This information is derived from a government study of 17,135 adults age 18 or older in the USA. It indicates that 57% of the adult population read books. Following is a list of the potential customers for PageKeeper Bookmarks.

One in four read 1 – 5 books per year (Light Readers)
One in nine read 6 – 11 books per year (Moderate Readers)
One in seven read 12 – 49 books per year (Frequent Readers)
One in 20 read 50 books or more per year (Avid Readers)

When anticipating "Avid Readers" as being early adapters of the PageKeeper bookmark followed by the "Frequent Readers", you can estimate a target customer base. Therefore adding these reader groups together as the base there are approximately 41 million potential customers out of the 117 million book readers.

In addition readers use more than one PageKeeper, so the initial market could be anticipated at approximately 82 million units. The good news is to reach saturation we estimate there would be about 234 million units in circulation in the USA. The only question is how many of these units will you be selling?

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