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One way awareness works. Consumers may purchase a product online and then when they see it in the store they purchase it again or tell others that it is available at such and such a location. The same is true for other sales channels. Consumers see products in a store and do not purchase them at that time, however when they see it again at a different store, they make the buying decision. How many times have you seen an item at one location and then purchased it at another?

The days of traditional marketing are gone. You now have major manufactures running their own websites selling direct to consumers while at the same time selling through independent retail stores. This is occurring because it's all about product awareness and availability for the consumer.

The playing field is leveling and as a result, consumers are benefiting by having access to more products in more ways. Not to worry, because no matter what group you belong, you can rest assured that every sale can lead to an additional sale, either from the same sales channel or at one of the others. Yes it works both ways; however remember awareness helps increase sales as a total, which benefits all involved (more business for all groups).

The PageKeeper® is a perfect example of this. We are asked frequently where they can purchase the PageKeeper locally. There are multiple reasons for this such as not wanting to pay the shipping costs, or other times it is to support their local stores/community, and still others do not like to purchase items online period. This is an example of the consumer being made “aware” of the PageKeeper online and then searching out a location in their home town to make the actual purchase.

Word-of-mouth is probably the most dynamic means of free advertising. They call this buzz and once again we use the PageKeeper as an example. More and more people are telling their friends about the PageKeeper and that is evident when you read the numerous comments and testimonials on the PageKeeper website. This will continue to grow to the benefit of all the sales channels.

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